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All About Mircoblading

What is Microblading

Microblading is just a different name for permanent makeup. Microblading is one of the oldest tattooing techniques around. Microblading uses a hand tool with a row of needles at the end to create a “blade”.  This blade then is used to dip into pigment and cut into the skin to deposit pigment. 

 Microblading is often advertised as a “semi-permanent”  procedure and this is not accurate and very misleading. Understanding no one can promise that the pigment implanted into your skin will be completely gone by a certain time.

 Getting a tattoo which is what microblading is, no matter what you read or someone tells you, is a serious consideration. It comes with the risk of scarring, grey colored brows, wide strokes and migration.  Microblading is an advanced technique which requires a lot of practice, education and experience. There are a lot of artists attending a two-day course and then attempting to charge for this service without the proper experience and understanding that not every client is a candidate for microblading. 

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Hairstroke and Shading

$450/2 sessions


$400/2 sessions

Powder Brow

$400/2 sessions


Top & Bottome Liner

$450/2 sessions

Top Liner

$400/2 sessions

Lower Liner

$300/2 sessions

Lash enhancement

$300/2 sessions

Lip Color

Full Lip

$450/2 sessions

Shaded Lip

$400/2 sessions

Lip Liner

$300/2 sessions

Other Services

Emergency Removal

$250/ 1 session
(must be within 48hrs of previous service)

Natural Freckles

$250/ 1 session

Color Boost

$350/ 1 session


$500/2 sessions

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Jessica Jim

Owner/ N.M. Board Approved Sponsor, Permanent Makeup Artist

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Permanent Makeup Artist

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Powder Brow $375/ 2 sessions

$250/ 1 session

Natural Freckles starting at $200

Shaded Lip $350/ 2 sessions

$250/ 1 session ($125 retouch)

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