Permanent Lipstick

Enhance the size, shape and color of your lips

About Permanent Lip Makeup

Quickly and painlessly obtain the lips you’ve always dreamed of and enhance your appearance with permanent lip makeup. This simple procedure will leave you with beautiful and natural-looking lips.
With age your facial features begin to lose its natural color. The color starts to fade with our lips first as the edges start to lose definition, and look pale without lipstick. Permanent lip color instantly eliminates the signs of aging by giving you fuller, beautiful lips that look natural giving you a youthful appearance.

Permanent Lipstick Advantages

Never worry about your lipstick leaving stains on the cup or rubbing off while you’re busy during the day with permanent lip makeup. Our clients often tell us about taking a bite out of a sandwich and finding lipstick on the bread and realize they actually ate their lipstick, but with permanent lip color, it’s worry free beauty.

Virtually Pain-Free

Cosmetic tattoo lips are pain-free. Our trained professionals provide superficial numbing of the lips with no need to block the nerves like a dentist. The numbing provides the comfort you need so you can relax while receiving the permanent lip color that makes you look your best.

Client Gallery

See examples of the amazing work our certified permanent makeup artists provide.

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Book Your Appointment Now And Get 10% Off

Awesome Beauty Sale – 10% OFF On All Professional Make Up From Only $45
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