Permanent Lip Color

Enhance the size, shape and color of your lips
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About Permanent Lip Color

Permanent Lip color is great procedure for anyone who has  pale lips, uneven lips, lip scars, and discoloration and those who want to save time applying makeup while maintaining a beautiful shape. Lip Liners are fantastic for defining the lip line giving your lips definition or for individuals who over time have seen their lip line disappear with age. 

Lip Color Choices

You have a choice of 3 treatments.

Lip Liner subtly re-defines the border and contour of your lips and even corrects slight imperfections.

Shaded Lip – discreet contouring that defines your lips, with blush shading softly distributed partially through the lip to give the illusion of volume and a color that’s in harmony with your natural lip color.

Full Lip -saturates the lips with color in a natural or intense shade. Subtly defines the border of you lip line and infuses color throughout your lips

Client Gallery

See examples of the amazing work our certified permanent makeup artists provide.

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February Lip Specials- Shaded Lip $350/ 2 sessions, $250/ 1 session ($125 retouch)

Permanent Makeup Services


Hairstrokes and Shading

$450/2 sessions

Microblade/ Hair Stroke/ Feather Brows

$400/2 sessions

Powdered Brow

$400/2 sessions

Corrective Work

$500/2 sessions


Upper & Lower Eyeliner

$450/2 sessions

Upper Eyeliner

$400/2 sessions

Lower Eyeliner

$300/2 sessions

Lash Enhancement

$300/2 sessions

Lip Color

Full Lip

$450/2 sessions

Shaded Lip

$400/2 sessions

Lip Liner

$300/2 sessions

Other Services

Natural Freckles

$250/ 1 session

Emergency Removals

$250/1 session
(must be within 48 hours of previous procedure)


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Licensed Permanent Makeup Professionals

Jessica Jim

Owner/ N.M. Board Approved Sponsor, Permanent Makeup Artist

Aria Shanks

Permanent Makeup Artist

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Powder Brow $375/ 2 sessions

$250/ 1 session

Natural Freckles starting at $200

Shaded Lip $350/ 2 sessions

$250/ 1 session ($125 retouch)

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