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Permanent eyeliner is the best way to improve, define and enhance the shape and beauty of your eyes. It also helps you look and feel younger.
When applying eyeliner, it’s impossible to avoid pulling and stretching your eyelid. Over a period of time, since your eyes have very thin skin its elasticity fades and becomes more difficult to apply your eyeliner to without appearing smudged or uneven. Permanent eyeliner makeup eliminates this problem and also provides a more defined and exact application of color.

Permanent Eyeliner Advantages

If you’re active eyeliner can cause many different challenges. Another consideration is aging. With age motor skills start to decline making it hard to stay steady when applying eyeliner and more difficult to maintain the ability to use eyeliner at all. Permanent eyeliner makeup gives you added beauty, a more youthful appearance and simplifies your life.

Virtually Pain free

Permanent cosmetics are virtually pain free after a topical ointment is applied to numb the skin. Our method of permanent makeup is very gentle with only a tweezing effect at first, but most clients feel nothing. Once your skin is numb, our certified technicians will apply your permanent eyeliner color.

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Book Your Appointment Now And Get 10% Off

Awesome Beauty Sale – 10% OFF On All Professional Make Up From Only $45