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We're Passionate about permanent Make Up.

Jessica opened in 2016 offering permanent makeup services to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Jessica is an artist outside of work and has a background in tattooing and is a licensed cosmetologist as well. Putting these skills together Jessica opened PermAesthetics and found her passion. Over the years she has taken many educational permanent makeup courses to stay on top of industry changes. In 2021 she because teaching, one of her first students being her daughter Aria Shanks. Aria, who is also an artist took to the craft easily and now offers permanent makeup services herself and runs PermAesthetics day to day business. As of 2023, Jessica now trains in New Mexico part time and is opening a permanent makeup business in Oklahoma.

PermAesthetics uses the highest quality permanent makeup pigments and machines available to create design and offer beautifully rich colors. The quality of your permanent makeup and the care we provide is very important to us. Everything we do is above industry standards to ensure the best results for you.

Candidates for permanent makeup

Permanent makeup has become more popular in the last five to ten years because of the convenience it provides.

While there is no upper age limit on getting permanent makeup, and it is actually a great solution for older women who are having more trouble applying makeup because of poor eyesight or tremors, there are obviously some women who are better candidates than others.

In general, any woman with good skin who doesn’t want to worry about their makeup could consider having permanent makeup applied.

Typically, a great candidate for permanent makeup is any woman whose skin is in good condition, even women in their eighties. Women who are extremely active or participate in sports are also great candidates.

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What to expect

Complimentary Consultation

All permanent makeup and restorative procedures begin with a consultation to discuss what you would like to achieve. In addition all new permanent makeup procedure pricing includes two session and aftercare products. I truly believe communication between client and artist is of the utmost importance to me and together we will discuss all your questions and concerns.

The best pigments and equipment

PermAesthetics uses the best pigments and equipment. Providing quality supplies and pigments to my clients is important to me, I truly do want you to look and feel your best. All my tools are disposable and never reused and the disinfectants used to clean surfaces are the same as those used in hospital settings. My client’s safety is our highest priority.

Experience and Modern Techniques

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Permanent Makeup Services

I use permanent makeup and restorative techniques to build confidence and make you feel your best. Whether you are looking for the appearance of fuller-looking brows, more defined lips, smudge-proof eyeliner, or wanting to cover up or lessen the appearance of an old scar, PermAesthetics can help

Permanent Eyebrows

Powder Brows are the most versatile brow procedure. They can give a soft powdery appearance or be structured and bold.
While Microblading is the hottest of trends right now it is not for everyone.
Schedule your consultation today and let's talk and get you on the path toward great brows!

All new procedures come with 2 sessions

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner can give natural eyelash enhancement or even create an elegant smoky eye without the use of liquid liners and pencils- simply put, it will make your eyes pop! The procedure also helps to improve the appearance of missing lashes and it saves you time each morning! All new procedures comes with 2 sessions

Permanent Lip Color

Permanent Lip color is for anyone who wants to enhance their natural lip line by adding some definition, or even adding a pop of color.
We use several different techniques to enhance what you already have. We offer-
Full Lip
Lip Liner
Shaded Lip (Liner w/ Blending)
Lip Blushing

All new procedures come with 2 sessions

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Natural Freckles

Freckle tattooing is a semi-permanent procedure to mimic the look of natural freckles. Whether you want a cute a dusting of freckles or have your astrological constellation in freckle form PermAesthetics is here to help. Freckles start at $250

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