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The Powder Brow

Permanent eyebrow types

What is a Powder Brow

The Powder Brow is a classic for a reason. It can be light, soft and powdery or dark, bold and structured.  The Powder Brow gives the appearance of a powder or pencil filled brow

Permanent eyebrow pain free

Powder Brow Advantages?

Powder Brows are suggested for most clients as it has the best versatility and longevity and fades out softly over time. Powder Brows can last up to 5 years depending on your skin type. It is our most recommended brow procedure as most people are candidates. 

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Permanent Makeup Services


Hairstrokes and Shading

$450/2 sessions

Microblade/ Hair Stroke/ Feather Brows

$400/2 sessions

Powdered Brow

$400/2 sessions

Corrective Work

$500/2 sessions


Upper & Lower Eyeliner

$450/2 sessions

Upper Eyeliner

$400/2 sessions

Lower Eyeliner

$300/2 sessions

Lash Enhancement

$300/2 sessions

Lip Color

Full Lip

$450/2 sessions

Shaded Lip

$400/2 sessions

Lip Liner

$300/2 sessions

Other Services

Emergency Removal

$250/1 session
(must be within 48hr period of previous procedure)

Natural Freckles

$250/ 1 session


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Powder Brow $375/ 2 sessions

$250/ 1 session

Natural Freckles starting at $200

Shaded Lip $350/ 2 sessions

$250/ 1 session ($125 retouch)

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