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Professional Permanent Makeup

PermAesthetics is the premier permanent makeup and restorative tattoo provider in Las Cruces that provides services around Deming, Alamogordo, Silver City, and southern New Mexico.

Highest quality products and modern techniques

Long lasting Permanent Makeup

As an artists, both inside and outside of PermAesthetics we use both design and color theory with all procedures giving us the ability to offer great permanent make-up, skin camouflage and medical restorative procedures.

Permanent Makeup Services

I use permanent makeup and restorative techniques to build confidence and make you feel your best. Whether you are looking for the appearance of fuller-looking brows, more defined lips, smudge-proof eyeliner, or wanting to cover up or lessen the appearance of an old scar, PermAesthetics can help

Permanent Eyebrows

Powder Brows are the most versatile brow procedure. They can give a soft powdery appearance or be structured and bold. While Microblading is the hottest of trends right now it is not for everyone. Schedule your consultation today and let's talk and get you on the path toward great brows! All new procedures come with 2 sessions

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner can give natural eyelash enhancement or even create an elegant smokey eye without the use of liquid liners and pencils- simply put, it will make your eyes pop! The procedure also helps to improve the appearance of missing lashes and it saves you time each morning!
All new procedures comes with 2 sessions

Permanent Lip Color

Permanent Lip color is for anyone who wants to enhance their natural lip line by adding some definition, or even adding a pop of color. We use several different techniques to enhance what you already have. We offer- Full Lip Lip Liner Shaded Lip (Liner w/ Blending) Lip Blushing
All new procedures come with 2 sessions

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Other Services

Freckle tattooing is a semi-permanent procedure to mimic the look of natural freckles. Whether you want a cute a dusting of freckles or have your astrological constellation in freckle form PermAesthetics is here to help. Freckles start at $250

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Permanent Makeup Prices

This is a brief overview of our prices and services. Visit our book an appointment page for more details.


Hairstrokes and Shading

$450/ 2 sessions + aftercare

Microblade/ Hair Stroke/

$400/2 sessions + aftercare

Powdered Brow

$400/2 sessions + aftercare

Corrective Work

$500/2 sessions + aftercare (may require extra sessions)


Upper & Lower Eyeliner

$450/2 sessions + aftercare

Upper Eyeliner

$400/2 sessions + aftercare

Lower Eyeliner

$300/2 sessions + aftercare

Lash Enhancement

$300/2 sessions + aftercare


Full Color Color/
Lip Blush

$450/2 sessions + aftercare

Shaded Lip

$400/2 sessions + aftercare

Lip Liner

$300/2 sessions + aftercare

Other Services

Emergency Removal

(must be within a 48 hour window of previous work)

Natural Freckles



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We have Amazing Reviews

Jessica is super awesome!! Made my eye brows look AMAZING!!! She is super sweet and fun to talk to as well!! I absolutely recommend this place for permanent makeup!
Danielle Baker, Facebook Review
Our Awesome Team

We Have Amazing Artists

Certified and Licensed Permanent Makeup Professionals

Jessica Jim

Owner/ N.M. Board Approved Sponsor, Permanent Makeup Artist

Aria Shanks

Permanent Makeup Apprentice

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February Specials 


Powder Brow $375/ 2 sessions

$250/ 1 session

Natural Freckles starting at $20

Shaded Lip $350/ 2 sessions

$250/ 1 session ($125 retouch)

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